Bitcoin Maintain $34k Level: Can it Last?


Despite the ups and downs, Bitcoin remains at the top of the cryptocurrency market with a strong hold on its number one position. As of now, its market cap stands at a massive $665.9 billion. Currently, there are 19.53 million BTC coins in circulation, with a maximum limit set at 21 million BTC coins. Let’s take a closer look at our detailed Bitcoin price prediction to determine if the current bullish momentum is sustainable.

Bitcoin’s Unwavering Supremacy

Bitcoin continues to dominate the cryptocurrency market, maintaining its top spot on CoinMarketCap. With a market cap of $665.9 billion, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Supply and Circulation

There are currently 19.53 million BTC coins actively circulating in the market. This number is expected to reach a maximum limit of 21 million BTC coins. This limited supply adds to Bitcoin’s value and scarcity.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Analyzing the current market trends, it is evident that Bitcoin’s bullish momentum is keeping its price above $34,000. However, it is important to assess whether this upward trend can be sustained in the long term.


Bitcoin Daily Chart by SolidECN

In conclusion, Bitcoin’s position at the top of the cryptocurrency market remains strong, with a market cap of $665.9 billion. Its limited supply and growing demand contribute to its value. As the bullish momentum pushes its price above $34,000, it will be interesting to see how long this trend can be maintained.