FTX Bitcoin Theft: New Movement Detected

FTX Bitcoin Theft

A new chapter unfolds in the ongoing FTX Bitcoin theft saga. Blockchain analysis group PeckShield has alerted the community with a recent discovery. They’ve traced another batch of Bitcoin, which was part of the assets stolen from the now-defunct FTX.

The FTX Bitcoin theft has seen the hacker orchestrate a move of about 288.8 Bitcoin, currently valued at nearly $10 million.

Evaluating the Extent of the FTX Bitcoin Theft

Looking back, the once-prominent cryptocurrency exchange FTX crumbled in November last year. Amidst the chaos, an anonymous hacker seized the moment, orchestrating a heist that resulted in the loss of roughly $500 million in cryptocurrencies. This individual didn’t waste time, quickly converting the stolen assets into 180,000 Ethereum, which were then scattered to 12 separate wallets. At the time of this distribution, the Ethereum amassed was worth about $200 million.

The aftermath of the FTX Bitcoin theft turned the hacker into a significant Ethereum stakeholder. In a strategic move later that November, the hacker converted 50,000 ETH to Ren Bitcoin (RenBTC), a variant of Bitcoin on the Ethereum network.

Recent Attempts to Liquidate Stolen Ethereum

U.Today has reported on attempts made this year to launder the stolen Ethereum. The FTX Bitcoin theft perpetrator tried to exchange the Ethereum for tBTC on the ThorSwap DeFi platform in early October. The platform promptly shut down to prevent this, highlighting the vulnerability of DeFi systems to such exploitation.

Undeterred, the hacker pivoted to the Threshold Network, successfully transferring the Ethereum into the Bitcoin network. At that point, the FTX Bitcoin theft culprit had approximately 110,000 ETH in their possession, worth about $180 million.

Following the suspension of ThorSwap, Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser took the opportunity to critique DeFi for being “heavily centralized,” in contrast to his views on the decentralization of Bitcoin.

Substantial Ethereum Shifts to US Exchanges

In a related development, cryptocurrency tracking firm Whale Alert has noted large Ethereum movements. In recent activity linked to the FTX Bitcoin theft, substantial sums of Ethereum were transferred to major US exchanges such as Coinbase and Kraken.

Despite the tumultuous market, Ethereum showed impressive growth of 18.14% from October 20 to October 26, reaching a high of $1,848. This increase paralleled Bitcoin’s climb above $34,000. Post-surge, Ethereum recorded a modest 2.84% decrease but continues to maintain its strength around the $1,800 threshold, still feeling the ripples of the FTX Bitcoin theft.