Trading Condition


Forex Trading Condition

Successful forex traders require a flexible and transparent forex trading environment to thrive. Our forex trading conditions provide a sophisticated suite of trading CFDs, tailored to meet the needs of all our account holders.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced forex trader, our forex RAW account offers a range of features designed to enhance your forex trading experience. From competitive spreads and leverage to advanced charting tools and expert analysis, our forex RAW accounts are designed to help you succeed in the fast-paced world of forex trading.

Hedging Capability

When trading forex, it’s important to understand the risks and benefits of hedging your positions. While hedging can provide some protection against market volatility, it’s important to be aware that your account equity must meet the margin requirements to be able to close one or more of the hedged positions. Even fully hedged accounts are not immune to Stop Out. If your account equity reaches zero level or below for any reason, such as wide spread on news or swap deduction, your open positions will be closed automatically.

At HubuFX, we prioritize the safety of our clients’ funds and have the right to close all or part of the hedged positions in order to avoid the possible risk of negative balance due to wide spreads. This may apply on accounts maintaining a large amount of hedged positions with very small equity.

Minimum Trade Size

When it comes to forex trading, it’s important to understand the minimum transaction size and contract size.

At HubuFX, our minimum transaction size is 0.01, allowing for flexible and precise trading. Additionally, our contract size of 1,000 provides a lower-risk forex trading environment with micro lots.

Dealing Desk

Experience the power of lightning-fast trade execution with HubuFX. Our advanced STP (Straight-Through-Processing) technology ensures that all trades are executed in the Inter-bank market with speed and precision. Say goodbye to unnecessary delays and interventions, and hello to a smooth and seamless forex trading experience.

Automated Trading

Our advanced trading platform allows you to develop and implement your own unique forex trading strategy using any Expert Advisor. With the freedom to customize your approach, you can fine-tune your strategy to suit your individual needs and goals.

Margin Call Level

When trading forex, it’s important to understand the concept of margin call.

A margin call in forex is an alert that a broker sends to a trader when the funds in their account fall below a certain threshold, known as the margin requirement.

This is a percentage of the total capital that the trader must have in their account to trade on margin, which is the borrowed funds that the trader uses to leverage their positions. When a margin call occurs, the trader has to deposit more money or close some of their losing positions to avoid the automatic closure of all their positions.

At HubuFX, we prioritize the safety of our clients’ funds. Once your account reaches a Margin Level of 100%, you will be alerted. This means that you have reached the minimum amount of funds required to maintain your open positions and avoid a margin call.

By closely monitoring your Margin Level and taking appropriate action when necessary, you can effectively manage your risk and avoid unnecessary losses.

Stop Out Level

Stop out in forex refers to a situation where a trader’s open positions are automatically closed by their broker. This happens when the trader’s margin level falls to a specific percentage, known as the stop out level, meaning that they can no longer support their open positions.

If your Margin Level falls to 20% or below, the system will automatically close all your open positions. This helps to safeguard your account and ensures that you can continue trading with confidence.


Understanding key concepts such as “dealing desk” and “re-quotes” is crucial in forex trading.

“Experience seamless and efficient trading with HubuFX. Our advanced trading platform executes all trades in the tier 1 liquidity provider, ensuring that our traders never experience execution delays, slippage, or requotes.

A dealing desk is where market makers execute and trade financial instruments like forex. The dealers at the dealing desk facilitate trades on behalf of their customers and may act as the principal or the agent. When acting as principal, the dealer takes the other side of the client’s trade.

When acting as an agent, the trader will handle a client’s order by finding liquidity in the secondary market. Dealing desks are not limited to forex. They execute many financial assets like equities, ETFs, options, and commodities.

On the other hand, a re-quote in forex trading occurs when the broker you are dealing with is not able or willing to give you a trade based upon the price you entered. This generally happens in a fast-moving market, usually around the time of a big news announcement or some kind of shock to the system.

By understanding these concepts, traders can navigate the forex market more effectively and make informed decisions about their trades.

Stop Levels

0 Pip away from the Market Rate, i.e. You could place Stop Loss order within the spread.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit is $1. Please see our funding table for more information.

Minimum Withdrawal

There is no minimum limit, however, you should consider the network fees before submitting a withdrawal request. Please see our funding table for more information.


The maximum leverage available for the retail clients is 1:400 for the FX products, 1:200 for precious metals, and 1:10 for indices, cryptocurrencies and energies.


Trade Forex with transparency and confidence at HubuFX. Our advanced forex trading platform offers no spread markup and no commissions, allowing you to trade the raw interbank spreads quoted by Tier 1 Liquidity Providers. With spreads starting from as low as 0 pip, you can enjoy competitive pricing and maximize your trading potential.


In forex trading, swap is a special term. Think of it as a nightly show. When the markets close, positions that are held overnight come into play. They either give or get interest, based on the difference in interest rates of the two currencies involved. This is the first part of the ‘swap’ show.

The second part happens when two parties swap amounts in their own currencies. This swap is like a dance, smooth and exact, helping traders to get exposure to a currency they want. The show ends with regular cash flows being swapped in the right currency.

So, in short, a ‘swap’ in forex is an exciting two-part show involving interest and currency swap, playing a big role in the world of forex trading.”

Please refer to the Rollover page for more details.