Trezor Probes Crypto Wallet Scam


Trezor, a company that specializes in cryptocurrency hardware wallets, is taking immediate action to investigate a possible data breach. The company has become aware of an ongoing email phishing campaign aimed at Trezor users. This alarming situation was brought to light by ZachXBT, an anonymous investigator in the blockchain field, who reported the phishing attack through his Telegram channel on October 26.

Concerns Raised by JHDN on X

The evidence of the phishing attack targeting Trezor users came to light through a post on X (formerly known as Twitter). The post was made by an account named JHDN and expressed concerns about the situation.

Trezor is taking this matter very seriously and has initiated a thorough investigation into the phishing campaign. They are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of their users and will provide updates on the investigation as needed.