Unicoin Record Crypto-Property Deal Acquires Luxury Resort

Unicoin Record

Cryptocurrency has been making waves in various industries, and now it’s found its way into the world of real estate. Unicoin, a leading cryptocurrency firm, has recently made history by acquiring a luxury resort in Thailand in what is being hailed as the largest ever crypto-property deal. This groundbreaking acquisition is a testament to the growing adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrency in the mainstream world.

The Eden Grand Resort

The luxury resort, called the Eden Grand Resort, is currently under development and is expected to cover an impressive 64,000 square meters of land in Chonburi, Thailand. This vast area will be filled with a six-story main structure and at least 150 private two-bedroom villas. The resort is set to offer a wide range of amenities and services, including luxurious accommodations, fine dining options, recreational activities, and a spa.

Unicoin’s Role

Unicoin, which specializes in cryptocurrency investments and transactions, has become the first company to acquire a property of this magnitude using cryptocurrency. The firm used a combination of Bitcoin and its own native token, Unicoin (UNC), to fund the purchase of the resort. This highlights the increasing usage and acceptance of cryptocurrency as a viable form of payment in the real estate sector.

Benefits of Crypto-Property Deals

The acquisition of the Eden Grand Resort by Unicoin showcases the potential benefits of crypto-property deals. One of the main advantages is the seamless and efficient nature of cryptocurrency transactions. Unlike traditional payment methods, which can involve multiple intermediaries and lengthy processing times, cryptocurrency transactions are often near-instantaneous. This speed and efficiency can save both buyers and sellers a significant amount of time and resources.

Another benefit of crypto-property deals is the added layer of security. Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a decentralized ledger called the blockchain, which ensures transparency and eliminates the risk of fraud or unauthorized changes to the transaction. This level of security is especially important in high-value transactions such as property acquisitions. Additionally, using cryptocurrency reduces the need for physical cash or wire transfers, making transactions less susceptible to theft or hacking.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency offers the potential for global accessibility. Traditional real estate deals often require extensive paperwork, legal processes, and physical presence. With cryptocurrency, however, transactions can be conducted online, making them accessible to buyers and investors from around the world. This opens up new opportunities for international collaborations and investments in the real estate market.

Impact on the Real Estate Market

The acquisition of the Eden Grand Resort by Unicoin is a significant milestone for the real estate market. It demonstrates the growing acceptance and integration of cryptocurrency into traditional industries, such as real estate. This trend is likely to continue as more companies and individuals recognize the benefits of using cryptocurrency for property transactions.

The integration of cryptocurrency into the real estate market also has the potential to attract a new wave of investors. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who may have been hesitant to invest in traditional assets now have the option to use their digital assets for property acquisitions. This can increase liquidity in the real estate market and bring in a fresh influx of buyers.

Furthermore, offering cryptocurrency as a payment option for real estate opens up opportunities for new types of transactions. For example, fractional ownership of properties could become more common, allowing multiple investors to purchase shares in a property using cryptocurrency. This could democratize the real estate market and make property ownership more accessible to a wider range of individuals.


The acquisition of the Eden Grand Resort by Unicoin marks a historic moment in the world of cryptocurrency and real estate. This landmark deal showcases the potential and benefits of using cryptocurrency for property transactions. From its seamless and efficient nature to increased security and global accessibility, cryptocurrency is set to revolutionize how real estate deals are conducted.

As cryptocurrency continues to gain mainstream acceptance, we can expect to see more crypto-property deals in the future. This could reshape the real estate market and attract new investors, ultimately driving innovation and growth in the industry. The future of real estate is digital, and cryptocurrency is leading the way.