xAI: The Next Big Thing in Tech


Reuters — Elon Musk’s new tech company, xAI, is about to show off its latest AI invention to a few people on Saturday. Musk, who also runs Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), made the announcement on Friday.

xAI Stepping into the Spotlight

Almost one year has passed since ChatGPT got everyone excited about AI that can create content. That excitement made more people and companies use this kind of AI, called generative AI.

Musk helped start the company that made ChatGPT in 2015 and left its board in 2018. He’s still making waves in the world of AI with xAI.

Musk shared on his X social media that the new AI from xAI is really good, maybe even the best out there right now. He said that once the early tests are done, everyone who has X Premium+ will get to use xAI’s Grok system.

X, which used to be called Twitter, just started offering two new ways to sign up: a Premium+ plan without ads for $16 a month and a basic plan for $3 a month.

Musk has been openly critical of how big tech companies handle AI and free speech. Earlier, he said he wants to make an AI with xAI that searches for the truth and can take on Google’s Bard (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Microsoft’s Bing AI (NASDAQ:MSFT).

The people working on xAI come from some of the best places for AI research, including Google’s DeepMind and the company that makes Windows. xAI was started in July and works closely with X, Tesla, and others.

Larry Ellison, who helped start Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) and is good friends with Musk, said that xAI will use Oracle’s cloud services to make its AI better.